Corporate Citizen


FPT has been offering Learnerships to the unemployed members of the previously disadvantaged community since 2002. During the early years of FPT’s involvement with Learnerships, the company provided this opportunity to only 3 or 4 learners per annum.

In 2015, FPT extended its reach into the Learnership arena by providing Learnerships to 5 black, disabled females. All 5 graduated with a NQF 1 (National Qualifications Framework) level of education and were subsequently employed by various organisations, or companies around the country.

In 2016, FPT further extended its reach into the Learnership arena, by providing Learnerships to 15 previously disadvantaged, disabled male and female individuals.  Of these learners, 9 received either a NQF 1 or 2 qualification and were not employed once they had graduated.  However, FPT secured gainful employment for the remaining 6 learners in various institutions, organizations or companies. 2017 saw FPT take on 17 learners, 15 of whom were disabled.  Of the 17 learners, FPT has secured employment for 9 of these learners. FPT budgets approximately R1.5 million in respect of its Learnership initiatives.


FPT in partnership with the UKZN Foundation offers bursaries to previously disadvantaged individuals in different fields of study. The bursaries are awarded on an annual basis based on financial need and academic results. FPT spends approximately R1,7 million on bursaries annually.


FPT donates to several organizations across the country who run non-profit organizations that assist communities. FPT spends approximately R1,6 million annually on donations to organization in Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth.